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Gripset XpressLay – 1.3 x 10m Roll


Gripset XpressLay – 1.3 x 10m Roll

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Sku Code: GWS-221


Gripset XpressLay is a PVC sheet which offers high-strength waterproofing for wet areas and decoupling. With <1mm thickness and 13MPa tensile strength, it bonds directly, resists moisture, and withstands floor movement. Its rapid application, even in extreme conditions, ensures instant waterproofing, compatible with various finishes and adhesives for seamless installation.



  • Rapid self-adhesive application
  • Unique tack properties that allows remove and re-position without
  • adhesion compromise
  • De-coupling properties
  • Excellent performance in extreme cold and humidity
  • Flexible and excellent vibration resistant properties
  • Anti-fracture properties
  • Cold lay applied, ease of workability. No torching or heat welding
  • Excellent waterproof and vapour resistant properties
  • No solvents or hazardous primers emitting dangerous fumes
  • Rupture and tear resistant
  • Ability to finish with Gripset coatings and non-solvent surface finishes
  • Compatible with cement-based tile adhesives, screeds
  • Compliant to AS4858
  • Enables removal of floor finishes and tiles without substrate damage
  • Provides long term Gripset System warranty options


  • Wet area waterproofing
  • Waterproofing over existing tiles, vinyl or timber flooring
  • Waterproofing surfaces in cold and/or humid environments
  • Anti-fracture system over cracked concrete and floor substrates
  • Enables future removal of tiles without substrate damage
  • Multi – layered high performance system with Gripset BRW-HD
  • Tiling applications over aged floors or industrial floor coatings
  • Tile underlay on timber flooring or structural sheet surfaces