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Gripset BRW – HD 1mm x 1m x 10m roll


Gripset BRW – HD 1mm x 1m x 10m roll

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Sku Code: GWS-197


Gripset BRW-HD, a self-adhesive butyl rubber sheet membrane, boasts a laminated HDPE film for subterranean waterproofing. Its high-tack butyl backing ensures superior adhesion in varied temperatures. Resistant to movement and vibration, it outperforms traditional membranes. With instant sealing and no drying time, it enables immediate service, while non-bituminous construction prevents bleed-through for seamless finishes.



  • Self-adhesive application
  • Outstanding high bond adhesion over surfaces applied to
  • Excellent performance in low to high temperatures, -30ºC to 80ºC
  • Bonds and retains adhesion in cold application temperatures
  • Does not slide or soften in hot application temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to ground salts and chemical agents
  • Self-sealing properties
  • Primer-less application on metallic, plastic and glazed surfaces
  • Provides dimensional stability, high tear strength, puncture and impact resistance
  • Cold lay application. No torching or heat welding, eliminates on site fire hazards and risks
  • Excellent waterproof and vapour resistant properties
  • Outstanding flexibility in cold temperatures, no cracking
  • No “bleed” or “yellowing”, as per bitumen based products
  • No solvent or hazardous primers emitting dangerous fumes
  • Instant sealing properties, no drying required
  • Continuity ensured at overlaps with in-built sealing strip along sheet edge
  • Solvent free and non-toxic


  • Underground retaining walls
  • Roof gardens
  • Basement and lift pit wall substrates
  • Planter boxes and garden beds
  • Plaza decks, podiums, terraces
  • Waterproofing damp wall surfaces (incorporating Gripset E60)
  • Roof underlayments
  • Waterproofing underground walls in cold and/or humid environments
  • Waterproofing system over substrates with live and static cracking (maximum 2mm)
  • Under pedestal paver finishes
  • Roof waterproofing system over failed membranes
  • Multi layered high performance system with Gripset BRW-PF