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John Mandorla was introduced to the construction industry when he decided to owner build his own home in 2002. It was this introduction to the industry that sparked both a passion and a thirst for knowledge that would ultimately lead to the development of the Turbo Building Group brand that we know today.

John knew in an instant that he wanted to be involved in the industry so with vision and drive, John went to Bunnings and purchased his first “kit” consisting of a wheelbarrow, bucket, trowel and caulking gun and set about learning the industry from the ground up having landed a job as a contractor at a pre cast concrete business.

As a budding entrepreneur, John worked hard and developed his skills on many sites around Melbourne. In the construction industry John quickly learnt that time is money, so he honed his skills to provide the highest quality with the greatest efficiency. This proved to be a recipe for success in winning large commercial construction projects.

With a strong set of personal values represented in the way John ran his business, he quickly developed a strong reputation in the industry for quality and reliability, which led to rapid business growth.

The rest as they say is history. John established the Turbo Building Group brand now recognised for service excellence and the provision of caulking, grouting, patching, silicone and finishing services to commercial, industrial and domestic clients throughout Australia.

Turbo Building Group provides expertise and service to a range of clients including builders, tilers, pre cast concrete companies and many more.

With the consistent delivery of great quality workmanship combined with exceptional customer service, many of these businesses have developed ongoing referral alliances with Turbo Building Group.

Today, the business is poised for expansion.

John has a personal vision to grow the Turbo Building Group business via franchising which he considers the best fit for this exciting growth phase. A franchise model will enable John to educate franchisees and help them achieve the highest standard of quality and production, which goes hand in hand with the development of life long client relationships. The franchise model will deliver consistency of service excellence for the Turbo Building Group brand and will allow John to be hands on in teaching others how to run a successful business.

The opportunity exists for potential franchisees to run a franchise and establish their own Turbo Building Group business. Turbo Building Group are looking for a select few potential franchisees with values that align with the brand who also have the vision and drive to enhance the success of the business.

With John’s strong network of business relationships combined with his focus on expertise and customer service, the Turbo Building Group brand is rapidly growing and it appears the sky is the limit.