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Gripset BRW – PFN 1mm x 1m x 10m roll


Gripset BRW – PFN 1mm x 1m x 10m roll

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Sku Code: GWS-225


Gripset BRW-PFN features a self-adhesive butyl rubber sheet membrane with a durable needle-punched fabric facing for internal and external waterproofing. Its high-tack butyl backing ensures superior waterproofing, resisting movement and vibration. With instant sealing and no drying time, it allows for direct application of surface finishes, including adhesives, coatings, and decorative finishes.



  • Self-adhesive application
  • Self-sealing edge
  • Outstanding high bond adhesion over surfaces applied to
  • Excellent performance in low to high temperatures, -30°C to 80°C
  • Flexible and excellent vibration resistant properties
  • Anti-fracture properties
  • Primer-less application on metallic, plastic and glazed surfaces
  • Cold lay applied, ease of workability. No torching or heat welding
  • Excellent waterproof and vapour resistant properties
  • Outstanding adhesion and flexibility in cold temperatures, no cracking
  • No risk of “bleed” or yellowing effects, as per bitumen based products
  • No solvent or hazardous primers or adhesives emitting dangerous fumes
  • Instant sealing properties, no drying required
  • Rupture and tear resistant
  • Solvent free and non-toxic
  • Ability to finish with Gripset coatings and non-solvent surface finishes
  • Compatible with cement based tile adhesives, screeds/renders, textures
  • Compliant to AS4858 and AS4654


  • Wet area waterproofing, ideally suited on non-porous surfaces
  • Waterproofing over existing tiles, vinyl or timber flooring
  • Waterproofing surfaces in cold and/or humid environments
  • Anti-fracture system over cracked concrete and floor substrates
  • Roof waterproofing system on new or failed membranes
  • Multi – layered high performance system with Gripset BRW-HD
  • Waterproofing balconies, decks on dense/non-porous surfaces
  • Box gutter waterproofing system
  • Patching pin holes and pitted areas on metal surfaces

Note: BRW-PFN is to be finished over with surface finishes for internal areas and with UV resistant finishes when used externally.