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Crosbe CROSfill 530 Precision Grout 20kg


Crosbe CROSfill 530 Precision Grout 20kg

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CROSfill® 530 Precision Grout is a general purpose, high strength, Class C Construction Grout. It can be mixed to a stiff, plastic or flowable consistency to an applied thickness of 10mm – 100mm.

CROSfill® 530 Precision Grout is specially formulated with Portland cement, graded fillers and performance additives to reduce water demand and shrinkage. It is non shrink, with dual expansion in both the plastic and hardened state. It complies with ASTM C1107-91 Type C.


Recommended Uses:

CROSfill® 530 is suitable for most void filling grouting applications including core holes, grouting under precast panels and concrete sections, hollow block walls, under column bases, anchor bolt filling, and general concrete repair work. It is suitable for machine base plates where critical grouting is required and applications subject to dynamic loads and where continuous vibration is present.


  • Versatile and easy to use premixed grout
  • Dual Shrinkage compensated – suitable for use under static and dynamic loads
  • Rapid strength gain – 25MPa after 24 hours when mixed to a plastic consistency
  • Durable, hard wearing finish
  • Free of chlorides
  • Free of iron – will not rust or stain
  • Excellent flow properties when mixed to a flowable consistency
  • Tear and rain resistant PE bags reduce possibility of damaged bags and extend product shelf life.