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Durotech Duroseal Hybrid 50 FC Grey Sausage 600ml


Durotech Duroseal Hybrid 50 FC Grey Sausage 600ml

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Sku Code: H50FC


DUROSEAL HYBRID 50FC is a one component advanced polymer system, gun – grade, Non – sag, moisture – cure advanced Polymer Sealant designed to skin and cure rapidly. This high performance product is designed with outstanding UV resistance and long term durability.



  • Paintable
  • Movement accommodation factor ± 30% Creates strong seals & bonds
  • Fast Curing
  • Trafficable
  • Odour less
  • UV Resistant
  • Low VOC
  • Accommodates 30% joint movement Permanently flexible, excellent weather ability Easy to gun – Easy to tool Cures to a tough, durable, elastic.
  • Paintable – non-sticky after cure
  • Single component & Convenient Packing


  • Sealant is designed to seal construction joints.
  • To seal waterproof rivet seams and roof rails.
  • To seal perimeter joints around windows and doors. Sealing corner moldings, fabricated roof-lap seams, bumper assemblies and body-to-cab joints in motor homes.
  • Sealing door hinges, skylights and portholes.
  • Sealing Air conditioning equipment, flashing and gutters.