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Antas 352 MS Joint Sealant Hybrid Sausage 600ml


Antas 352 MS Joint Sealant Hybrid Sausage 600ml

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Antas® 352 MS Joint Sealant is a one component, low modulus, neutral curing and modified silane (MS) joint sealant. It is designed and tested for weatherproof sealing of walls and panel joints in construction with good compatibility with a wide range of substrate including concrete, brick, stone, CFC, timber, aluminium, steel, cast iron and selection of waterproofing membranes. Antas® 352 typically used as expansion joint or weatherproof sealant for building façade including sealing of concrete precast, ALC, CFC, ACM panels, brick walls, or perimeter of windows or doors. It’s also used as fillet sealant as part of waterproofing systems. Antas® 352 has also been successfully applied in infrastructure projects eg roads and bridges.



  • Excellent mechanical property
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
  • High movement capacity
  • Excellent weather durability and resistance to UV, heat, cold or humidity
  • Good surface painting feasibility
  • Safe and environmentally friendly with low VOC and no isocyanate content
  • Cured sealant can be immersed in water continuously
  • Service temperature of -40 ~ 90ºC