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Crosbe Crossfill Construction Grout 20kg


Crosbe Crossfill Construction Grout 20kg

Product Code: 210040


CROSfill® Construction Grout is a general purpose high strength grout with shrinkage limiting properties.

It is suitable for most void filling grouting applications including core holes, hollow block walls, under column bases and general concrete repair work. It can be mixed to a stiff, plastic or flowable consistency to an applied thickness of 10mm – 100mm.



Application equipment should be selected to suit the desired grout consistency and ensure proper filling of voids. Stiff and plastic grouts can be applied with a trowel or tamping tool. Flowable grout should always be poured from one side of the void to prevent air entrapment under baseplates. Sufficient grout should be prepared to ensure continuous grout flow for each application.


  • Versatile and easy to use premixed grout
  • Shrinkage limiting properties
  • Rapid strength gain – 38MPa after 24 hours when mixed to a plastic consistency
  • Durable, hard wearing finish
  • Free of chlorides
  • Free of iron – will not rust or stain
  • Excellent flow properties
  • Rain and tear resistant PE bags reduce possibility of damaged bags and extend product shelf life