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Crosbe CROSflow 840 Feather 10kg Bag


Crosbe CROSflow 840 Feather 10kg Bag

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CROSflow® 840 Feather is a polymer rich cementitious smoothing compound. CROSflow® 840 Feather is suitable for internal applications where a fast curing smoothing and patching compound is required to smooth over imperfections in concrete or floor underlayment. It is ideal for feather applications as it contains no sand. The high polymer content avoids poor strength due to dehydration on thin applications. Installation of floor coverings can take place over CROSflow® 840 Feather approximately 15 min after placement, depending on the thickness. Requires no priming.



  • Can be applied from a feather coat up to a thickness of 5mm in one application
  • Tear and rain resistant PE bags which are recyclable and reduce product loss from damaged packaging
  • Highly accurate and consistent bag weights
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Exceptional flow and workability
  • Trafficable in 15 min when applied as a feather coat
  • Accepting of floor coverings once it is trafficable – from 15 min up to 2 hours depending on thickness – refer to Temperature Considerations

Recommended Uses

  • Indoor applications
  • Residential and commercial application
  • New construction
  • Refurbishment of old floors
  • Underlayment for floor coverings after a maximum of 2 hours cure time