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Crosbe CROSflow 820 Bulk Filler 20kg Bag


Crosbe CROSflow 820 Bulk Filler 20kg Bag

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CROSflow® 820 Bulk Filler is a cementitious, non-structural, bulk fill floor underlayment with exceptional adhesion properties. CROSflow® 820 Bulk Filler is suitable for internal applications where a thickness of between 5mm and 80mm is required. Use CROSflow® 820 Bulk Filler over new or old concrete floors prior to the application of floor coverings. Can be used for bulk filling applications, creating ramps and falls in screeds.



  • May be applied to a thickness of up to 80mm in one application
  • Fast Setting
  • Tear and rain resistant PE bags which are recyclable and reduce product loss from damaged packaging
  • Highly accurate and consistent bag weights
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Exceptional workability
  • Can also be screeded to create floor grades, ramps or falls to waste
  • Trafficable at 2 hours
  • Accepting of certain floor coverings after 4 hours – refer to Temperature Considerations

Recommended Uses

  • Creating floor grades, ramps or falls to floor wastes
  • Indoor applications
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • New construction
  • Refurbishment of old floors
  • Underlayment for carpet, carpet tiles and ceramic tiles after 4 hours cure – refer to Temperature Considerations
  • Underlayment for vinyl and timber after 24 hours cure – refer to Temperature Considerations