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Sure Level Fairing Coat


Sure Level Fairing Coat

Product Code: FAIRINGM



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Fairing Mortar is a polymer modified fine feathering mortar for applications in thin layers to produce a natural concrete grey appearance to concrete surfaces or masonry surfaces.

It can be applied up to a maximum thickness of 3mm. Fairing Mortar is based on hydraulic binders, high grade quartz sand and synthetic polymers and is shrinkage compensated


Recommended uses:

  • Thin layer patching for vertical, horizontal and overhead applications.
  • Rendering over porous or damaged concrete structures
  • Levelling of uneven surfaces prior to coating.
  • Repairs where uniform concrete colour is required.
  • Repairing honeycomb concrete, cracks and pinholes.
  • Tilt slab and precast concrete.
  • Application of render over brickwork.
  • Applications of fairing mortar over existing concrete or masonry surfaces.
  • Applications requiring a thin build of Fairing Mortar to 3mm.

Features & Benefits:

  • Single component system pre blended powder, simply add water and mix.
  • Excellent bond strength and adhesion and bond to concrete or masonry surfaces.
  • Feather edging is possible.
  • Shrinkage compensated.
  • Easy to use and apply.
  • No primer or curing compound is required for most work.
  • For internal or external use.
  • Durable, low water permeation.
  • Can be used in vertical, horizontal and overhead applications.
  • Light off grey colour.