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Sikaflex Construction AP

Sikaflex Construction APSikaflex Construction AP

Sikaflex Construction AP

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High Performance Polyurethane Sealant

Sikaflex® Construction AP is a 1-component, moisture- curing, elastic joint sealant. Sikaflex® Construction AP is designed for movement and connection joints on porous substrates as well as indoor and outdoor general sealing applications.



▪ Movement capability of ± 25% (ASTM C 719)
▪ Great workability
▪ Strong adhesion to many substrates
▪ Non-sag on vertical and soffit joints up to 30 mm width
▪ Ready for immediate use – no mixing, 1-component ▪ Can be painted over with many paint systems
▪ Non corrosive
▪ Good durability and weather resistance