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Pasco Firejoint Polyurethane Grey 600ml Sausage

Pasco FirejointPasco Firejoint

Pasco Firejoint Polyurethane Grey 600ml Sausage

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Pasco FireJoint PU is a single component, fire-rated intumescent polyurethane sealant providing up to 4hrs of fire-rated protection. FireJoint PU is a UV stable, low-modulus class-A sealant exhibiting outstanding adhesion where movement is expected to be up to ±25%. FireJoint PU provides up to 4 hours fire rating in construction joints and service penetrations, whilst creating an acoustically sealed joint.


Features & Benefits

• Fire rated up to 4 hours

• Acoustically rated
• UV Stable
• Excellent durability

• Non staining

• Low Modulus 50% (± 25%) • Interior/Exterior
• Superior adhesion
• Paintable*

• Anti-fungal properties


• Sealing construction and expansion joints
• Sealing joints in pre-cast panels
• Sealing joints and penetrations in acoustic partitions and walls. • Hollow concrete block walls
• Insitu Concrete floors and walls
• Pipe penetrations
• Rendered masonry
• Perimeter sealing of door and window frames
• Fire rating of cable tray penetrations
• Plasterboard (Fire rated and/or acoustic rated)
• Fiber cement sheet (Fire rated and/or acoustic rated)
• Applications requiring acoustic properties or STC rating*