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Oldfields Chip Brush 75mm


Oldfields Chip Brush 75mm

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All-purpose brushes, ideal for a wide range of paints and varnishes, making them suitable for everyday use. They feature a blend of quality bristles and synthetic fibers, ensuring both affordability and effective performance. Designed to achieve a solid finish, these brushes are crafted with durability in mind, providing reliable results across various painting applications.



  • Quality Hog Bristle Designed for use with oil-based paints, glues, resins, and epoxies on various surfaces.
  • Brushes can be cleaned for reuse or disposed of economically after each use.
  • Fuller filament holds more paint for faster coverage.
  • Handcrafted to maintain shape with minimal filament loss.
  • Slimline design ensures the brush is lightweight and comfortable to hold and use.