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Maxisil Natural Stone Silicone 300ml

Maxisil Natural StoneMaxisil Natural Stone

Maxisil Natural Stone Silicone 300ml

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Maxisil Natural Stone single-component silicone sealant is neutral-curing, ensuring no migratory staining on natural stone. It boasts high resistance to notches, tension, and tearing, while maintaining flexibility against weathering, aging, and UV exposure. Non-corrosive and containing fungicides, it’s tailored for sealing marble and various natural stones, both indoors and outdoors, offering versatile applications.



  • Neutral-curing 1-component silicone sealant
  • Does not cause any migratory staining on natural stone
  • High resistance to notches, tension and tearing
  • Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance, will not become dry, crack or brittle
  • Non-corrosive
  • Contains fungicides
  • Stress expansion modulus at 100 % (DIN 53 504, S3A): 0,5 N/mm²


  • Designed specifically for sealing and jointing on marble and all natural stones, e. g. sandstone, quartzite, granite, porphyry etc. in interior and exterior areas
  • Sealing of movement joints in floors, walls and facades
  • Movement-compensating bonding of natural stone on metal, e. g. stone stairs on a metal construction
  • Sealing and jointing of marble / natural stone swimming pools, also underwater joints
  • Sealing of laminated and coated glass
  • For the external sealing of mirrors in connection with natural stone
  • Joint filling between concrete slabs and natural stone for both interior and exterior use.