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Maxisil A Acetic Cure Silicone


Maxisil A Acetic Cure Silicone

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Maxisil A silicone is an acetic cure silicone recommended for all ceramic tile areas. Maxisil Wet Area is designed especially for expansion joints in sanitary areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and flooring sectors.



  • 1-component acetate-curing silicone sealant
  • Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance
  • Enables a great finish, will not string out during application
  • Good tooling and smoothing properties
  • Contains fungicides
  • Medium skin formation time for easy handling
  • Very good adhesion on ceramic substrates
  • Primerless adhesion to many other substrates
  • Stress expansion modulus at 100 % (DIN 53 504, S3A): 0,3 N/mm²
  • Meets Din 18545,part 2D (German industrial standard)


  • Sealing connection joints between ceramic tiles, showers, baths and flooring sections
  • Expansion / movement joints in bathroom and wet areas
  • Sealing of connection joints on door and window frames
  • Sealing of double-glazing joints
  • Glass block glazing
  • Sealing general building substrates
  • Interior and exterior use