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Kerakoll Keragrip Eco Primer


Kerakoll Keragrip Eco Primer

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Certified, eco-friendly, water-based adhesion promoter for compact, absorbent and non-absorbent substrates, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Single-component, solvent-free and with very low volatile organic compound emissions. Safeguards the health of both operators and the environment. Keragrip Eco develops extended overlay times, making it safe and easy to apply high-adhesion mineral levelling and self-levelling products, even when overlaying.



  • For internal use
  • Approved for marine use
  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy-to-identify red liquid
  • Suitable even at low temperatures
  • Easy to use for fast, safe, applications even with a roller
  • Ideal in renovation work
  • Suitable for substrates treated with resins


  • Preparation of smooth, compact, absorbent or non-absorbent substrates before application of finishing, levelling or self-levelling products and fluid mortars to improve their power of adhesion.
  • Products suitable for overlaying:
    – fluid, mineral mortars and fluid mortars
    – Mineral adhesives and cement-based adhesives
    – mineral finishing, levelling and self-levelling products with normal, rapid and extra-rapid setting
  • Substrates:
    – flooring in ceramic, marble-floor tiles and natural stone
    – flooring in concrete smoothed with circular grinding machinery – compact and smooth cement-based screeds
    – prefabricated concrete and fresh concrete castings
    – wooden panellings
    – Hardwood floors
    – Substrates in metal on rigid supporting surfaces
    – flooring with residual traces of resin-base adhesives
    – flooring in epoxy resin
    – varnishes
    – rigid PVC coatings