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Gripset Elasto Collar (Small)


Gripset Elasto Collar (Small)

Product Code: GWS-064



With GST : $8.56

The Gripset Elastoproof Collar provides effective detailing and enhanced sealing around penetrations such as pipes, drainage outlets, cabling and any substrate fixtures by protecting against movement, vibration and cracking.



Features & Benefits

  • Ensures a seamless elastic seal around pipes and penetrations
  • Bridges gap between penetration and surface
  • Fast effective application
  • Enables 100% elastic recovery when exposed to movement
  • High strength and excellent tear resistance
  • Long term sealing protection at volatile areas
  • Eliminates need for sealants and potential adhesion issues with sealant products
  • Compatible and guaranteed with all Gripset membrane, adhesives and coatings.


  • Internal wet areas
  • Balconies, podiums and roofs
  • Planter boxes, ponds, tanks and pools