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Durotech 007FC Fast Curing Liquid Membrane Blue Bucket 15L


Durotech 007FC Fast Curing Liquid Membrane Blue Bucket 15L

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Sku Code: SBR-007FC


SBR FAST CURE WPM is a Class 3 fast curing water- based and micro- fibre reinforced SBR based waterproofing membrane which provides excellent flexibility and crack bridging capability. It is a 2-coat system, to be applied over primed “porous and non- porous” substrates for internal and external under tile applications.



  • Fast drying. Recoat in 2 hours @ 220C & 50% RH
  • Flood test after 24 hours @ 220C & 50% RH
  • Can be tiled over after 4-6 hours @ 220C & 50% RH in non-critical areas
  • Class III, high elasticity as per AS/NZS 4858 Wet Area Membranes
  • Water-based, pre-mixed -ready and easy to use and easy clean up
  • Environmentally friendly –LOW VOC and free of respirable silica
  • For commercial and residential internal/external wet areas, balconies, decks and other areas that will be tiled over


  • As a waterproofing membrane under tile to wet areas such as: bathroom kitchen laundry toilet areas, balconies podiums, decks when installed in accordance to AS/NZ 3740
  • Suitable for concrete; cement rendered masonry;
    FC sheeting; water resistant plasterboard; and structural plywood (Type A Stamped “PAA JAS-ANZ” to AS/NZS 2269- 2004) substrates