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Demtech Cureflex PG57 Porous Primer – 15L

demtech_cureflex_pg57_porous _primerdemtech_cureflex_pg57_porous _primer

Demtech Cureflex PG57 Porous Primer – 15L

Product Code: CFPG5715



With GST : $106.18

Primer coat and bonding agent performance modifier in construction chemicals. Cureflex PG57 Primer is a full strength, non-tacy Styrene acrylic polymer used to prime and condition substrate surfaces for high adhesion.

It can be used as a general purpose sealant over open porous surfaces and as a 2 part liquid additive to cement based construction materials



  • Appearance: Wet- white milky liquid; Dry- Clear film
  • Faint Odour
  • Soluble in water
  • Excellent ageing resistance
  • Excellent light resistance
  • Excellent flexibility
  • By adding PG57 Primer to other products it will increase strength, improve flexibility and workability, create high adhesion properties and extend working time.