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Antas SK75 All Rounder Silicone 300ml


Antas SK75 All Rounder Silicone 300ml

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Antas® SK75 is a premium grade, neutral curing, mould resistant, 100% silicone sealant with high elasticity, no shrinkage and high bonding strength to most commonly used building materials.



  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
  • Excellent elasticity, movement capacity.
  • Excellent weather durability, resistance to UV and hydrolysis
  • Excellent mould and mildew resistant properties
  • No corrosion or staining to metal, coated glass or stone.
  • Easy to use with good tooling and non-sagging properties at 5 to 45°C
  • Compatible with other neutrally cured silicone sealants


  • Exterior and interior applications,
  • Glazing and sealing bathrooms & kitchens, roofs & gutters, windows doors, skirting, joinery etc.