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Akfix 940 Safety Valve Reusable PU Foam 900g


Akfix 940 Safety Valve Reusable PU Foam 900g

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Akfix 940 is PU foam which is never blocked thanks to its mechanical valve.



  • Reusability: Can be re-used repeatedly even if partially used before.
  • Even stored in horizontal or upside-down position the valve is never blocked.
  • Better control of the outflow thanks to special adaptor.
  • High horizontal yield thanks to special design tube.
  • Mould-proof, water-proof and over paintable.
  • It does not contain any propellant gases which are harmful to the ozone layer.


  • Fixing and insulating of door and window frames.
  • Filling and sealing of gaps, joints and cavities.
  • Filling of penetrations in walls.
  • Insulating electrical outlets and water pipes.