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Franchisee profile questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to help us assess your suitability to this business and our franchise system. We need to be very confident that your style, personality and skills are matched to the franchised business to minimise any risks of failure.

This should only take a few minutes for you to complete, so please answer honestly and do not rush through it.

Your answers are important to us and we must be sure that your overall profile is reflected in your answers

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.


Personal Details

Industry Experience


  • Personal Details
  • Industry Experience
  • Qualifications

Personal Details

Can you work in Australia?

Do you have a valid Drivers Licence ?

Industry Experience

How would you rate your ability to work well in a team?

How would you rate your leadership skills?

How would you rate your family's support towards the move into your own business?

How would you rate your ambition for financial success?

How would you rate yourself at dealing with problems?

How would you rate your driving record?

How would you rate your business experience?

How would you rate your your writing skills?

How would you rate your organisational abitlity?

How would you rate your ability to work unsupervised?

Do you have experience in site and staff management?

How would you categorise your income (including salary) expectations from the business, once established?


Q1.Do you have experience caulking?

Q1.1. Construction Joints

Q1.2. Alucobond

Q1.3. Joinery

Q1.4. Precast Panels

Q1.5. Tiling

Q1.6. Paving


Q1.8. Block Work

Q1.9. Windows-internal

Q1.10. Windows-external

Q1.11. Door Frames - internal

Q2. Do you have experience grounting?

Q2.1. Precast Panels

Q2.2. Structural Steel

Q2.3.Grout Pump Services

Q2.4. All Structural Service

Q3. Do you have experience patching?

Q3.1. Precast

Q3.2. In situ concrete walls

Q3.3. Grinding concrete (class1 or class2 finish)

Q3.4. Floor preparation / self levelling

Q4. Do you have experience access?

Q4.1. Abseiling Licence

Q4.2. Elevated Work Platform Licence Above 11 Metres

Q4.3. Elevated work platforms Licence Below 11 Metres

Q4.4. Boom Licence

Q4.5. Scissor Licence

Q5. Do yo have experience waterprofing?

Q5.1. Bathrooms

Q5.2. Retaining Walls

Q5.3. Balconies and decks

Q5.4. Precast Panels

Q5.5. Roof tops

Q6. Do yo have experience tilling?

Q6.1. Marble

Q6.2. Mosaic

Q6.3. Other stone

Q6.4. Paving

Q6.5. Sand & cement floors

Q6.6 Shower bases

Q6.7. Floor preparation / levelling / grinding

Q7. Do you have experience concreting?

Q7.1 Precast

Q7.2. In situ concrete walls

Q7.3. Slabs & footings

Q7.4. Formwork

Q7.5. Paving

Q7.6. Concrete sealing

Q8. Do you have experience rendering?

Q8.1.Colour texture

Q8.2. Sand, cement and acrylic

Q8.3. Brick / block / precast

Q8.4. Door Frames - internal

Q9. Do you have experience brick laying?

Q9.1. Brick Laying

Q9.2. Block Laying

Q9.3. Core Filling

Q9.4. Bluestone