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SureFlex Rubber Tile Adhesive A4000 Grey 20kg


SureFlex Rubber Tile Adhesive A4000 Grey 20kg

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Sure Level 4000 Rubber is a deformable, quality cement-based adhesive that meets and exceeds the requirements of Australian Standard AS 4992.1.
Sure Level 4000 Rubber is suitable for interior or exterior bonding of all types of tiling applications and has versatility in use in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, laundries and patios.


Recommended uses:

  • Ceramic wall and floor tiles including monocottura, slate, quarry tiles, terracotta, porcelain and natural stone bonded to concrete and cementitious screeds.
  • Brick work, block work, fibrous cement sheeting and where the surfaces are rigid and may or may not exhibit some surface texture and porosity.
  • Sure Level 4000 Rubber is suitable for bonding tiles to cement sheet or similar wall systems and where heavy stresses may be encountered, such as under floor heating installations.
  • Suitable for thick or thin bed tile installation and over approved water proofing membranes.

Features & Benefits:

  • When mixed with water the following features are obtained.
  • Single component flexible adhesive.
  • Easily workable.
  • Bonding of a range of common tile types and substrates.
  • Low shrinkage.
  • Open time approximately 30 minutes.
  • Pot life approximately 4 – 6 hours at 20°C